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Texas Democrat’s Convention Tells Texans All They Need to Know

HOUSTON — Today, the Texas Democrats kicked off their annual convention, and headlining alongside Colin Allred is a cohort of self-proclaimed progressives whose track records are nothing short of radical. Headliners include Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Rep. Veronica Escobar, Michelle Vallejo, State Senator Cesar Blanco, and activist Charlotte Clymer.

Let’s take a look at what they’ve said and done in the past:

Charlotte Clymer

  • Promoted LBGTQ+ agenda to 9th graders at Park’s Upper School
  • Stated that trans and non-binary children should have access to gender-affirming care 
  • Calls Republican measures to protect kids from radical transgender ideology a “genocidal action
  • Praised an Arkansas judge for striking down a law banning gender transition care for minors
  • Regarding men playing in women’s sports, Clymer stated, “there is no evidence this is a problem anywhere

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

  • Stated that she supports “the spirit” of defunding the police
  • Gov. Whitmer is offering free rental subsidies to illegal aliens in Michigan
  • Stated that abortion is “good economics” 

Rep. Veronic Escobar

  • Voted AGAINST the Protecting our Communities from Failure to Secure the Border Act, which would prohibit the government from using federal land to provide housing to aliens.
  • Voted AGAINST End the Border Catastrophe Act which would establish a criminal penalty for interfering with border control
  • Voted AGAINST condemning the Biden Border crisis 
  • Voted AGAINST the Police Our Border Act
  • Voted AGAINST the Secure the Border Act 
  • Proposed a bill that would grant undocumented immigrants in the United States legal status, work authorization, and travel authority
  • Refuses to recognize the border crisis
  • Secretly sent staff into Mexico to coach asylum-seekers

Cesar Blanco

  • Supportsminors receiving “gender-affirming care”
  • Voted NO on prohibiting the teaching of CRT
  • Voted NO on prohibiting sterilization of children
  • Voted NO on school vouchers

Michelle Vallejo

  • Vallejo is on the record claiming there is no chaos at the southern border, denying the existence of the border crisis
  • Vallejo is a self-proclaimed progressive and is endorsed by radical groups like EMILYs List

“Colin Allred and the Texas Democrats are putting their radical platform on display for all Texas voters to see. A platform that supports transitioning minors, men playing in women’s supports, unrestricted abortion, and open borders. Colin Allred has shown Texans just how extreme he really is and they won’t forget it come November.” –Cruz campaign spokesperson 

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