• News | 11.6.17

    CBS News: Sen. Ted Cruz applauds citizen who confronted gunman

    Republican Sen. Ted Cruz says the “bravery and courage” of a citizen who shot back at the gunman in the Texas church attack should be celebrated. Cruz spoke to reporters Monday after talking to law enforcement officials and visiting the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. When a reporter asked Cruz about gun control, he…Read More

  • News | 11.6.17

    IJR: Reporter Asks Ted Cruz if It’s Time for Gun Control — His Response Flips the Argument on Its Head

    On Sunday, a man named Devin Kelley opened fire on a small Texas church using a “Ruger AR-type of assault rifle” and killed 26 people. Since the shooting, politicians, celebrities and activists have urged President Donald Trump and politicians in Congress to do something about gun control. Many have even stated that “thoughts and prayers”…Read More

  • News | 11.6.17

    Breitbart: Cruz: Democrats Filibustered Legislation That Would Have Resulted in Texas Church Shooter Being in Prison

    On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized Democrats for filibustering the Grassley-Cruz legislation in 2013 that “would have resulted in this shooter being in federal prison instead of murdering those innocents in that Texas church.” Cruz said, “[T]his should have been stopped beforehand. Under federal…Read More

  • News | 11.6.17

    Newsmax: Cruz: ‘Ordinary Citizen’ With Gun Stopped Violence at Texas Church

    Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday hailed the bravery of an “ordinary citizen” who tried to thwart a deranged shooter during his killing spree at a small-town church — and berated the media for asking about gun control and “politicizing” the tragedy. At a news conference in Sutherland Springs a day after the shooting that killed…Read More

  • News | 9.15.17

    KFDM: Sen. Ted Cruz promising help for Port Arthur residents

    Senator Ted Cruz vowed to fight for Southeast Texas, saying he would help to get federal dollars to help with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey recovery. KFDM/Fox 4’s Elaine Kong spoke with Cruz while he was at a shelter for flood victims in Port Arthur. The senator listened as a woman demanded action to help flood victims…Read More

  • News | 9.13.17

    The Right Scoop: Ted Cruz explains what he expects from Tax Reform in CNN interview

    Ted Cruz spoke with CNN about what he expects to see in the official tax reform legislation that Congress is working on right now: Here’s more from CNN: Much like the rest of his party, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz is advocating Wednesday for an overhaul to nation’s tax system. “Let’s simplify the tax code. Let’s…Read More

  • News | 9.13.17

    Daily Signal: Cruz Highlights 7 Ideas for Tax Reform

    Sen. Ted Cruz thinks tax reform can help the average American. Tax reform is all about “the promise to remodel our antiquated, bureaucratic, ineffective tax system with the objective of creating more jobs, higher wages, more opportunity, with the objective of making it easier for a factory worker to pay for his son’s education,” Cruz…Read More

  • News | 9.13.17

    Politico Pro: Cruz endorses longer budget window, Dodd-Frank repeal in tax reform

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said that Republicans should forgo commitments not to increase the deficit in tax reform and couple it with repeal of financial regulations enacted by the 2010 Dodd-Frank act. Cruz, a prominent conservative, proposed circumventing budgetary constraints from reconciliation, a process Republicans plan to use to bypass a filibuster by Democrats in…Read More

  • News | 9.13.17

    The Hill: Cruz lays out his tax reform goals

    Conservative firebrand Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Wednesday laid out his priorities for tax reform, including full and immediate write-offs of businesses’ capital investments, a longer budget window for the reconciliation process and the repeal the Dodd-Frank financial reform law. At an event hosted by the Tax Foundation, Cruz said that tax reform is a…Read More

  • News | 9.13.17

    Wall Street Journal: Cruz Wades Into Tax Debate With Focus on Expensing

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) will lay down a marker in the tax debate on Wednesday, endorsing full and immediate deductions for capital investment by businesses. In a speech at a Tax Foundation event, Mr. Cruz will emphasize that such full expensing instead of current multiyear depreciation schedules would make the tax code simpler and…Read More