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Cruz News


CRUZ: This Thanksgiving we celebrate the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us and this great nation

HOUSTON, Texas — Presidential candidate Ted Cruz issued the following statement in observance of Thanksgiving: “On this Thanksgiving, as we gather with family and loved ones, we celebrate the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us and this great nation. Particularly this year, as we face many uncertainties – from the threats of terror to economic hardships – let us […]
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In the Press


National Review Online: Key for Cruz

Marilu Erdahl — who drove 2½ hours in the snow to see the candidates speak, making her exactly the kind of Republican the candidates count on during the wintry caucuses — said she entered the event torn between Cruz and Carson. But as she talked through the importance of national defense, she decided on Cruz. “He has experience, he’s shown […]
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In the Press


The Blaze: Ok, I Admit It: I Was Wrong About Ted Cruz

At the start of his presidential campaign in April, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was raking in millions of dollars in campaign contributions and appeared to be the favorite candidate of choice for many conservatives. Long before Donald Trump stole the spotlight, Cruz was drawing more praise and contempt (depending on who you spoke to at the time) from Republicans and […]
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