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ICMYI: Team Cruz Launched Democrats for Cruz Coalition

TEXAS — In case you missed it, yesterday Team Cruz launched a new coalition, Democrats for Cruz. Comprised of Democrats across the Lone Star State, this new coalition will work to get out the vote for Senator Cruz because they understand that he is the leader that Texas needs to ensure that we keep Texas, Texas.

The coalition is proud to have the support of local sheriffs, former and current elected officials, small business owners, ranchers, students, oil and gas workers, parents, and more.

Democrats for Cruz will continue to grow as Senator Cruz embarks on the campaign trail across the state.

Key Endorsement Quotes:

“Texas has long set itself apart from other states for being an economic powerhouse with innovation constantly churning. This doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because Texans work together for the common good. I’m a lifelong Democrat and always will be, but for the continual growth and economic progress of all Texans, I am supporting Ted Cruz because he is the pro-business, pro-energy candidate.” Marty McVey, Energy Expert and Presidential Appointee, Democrat Administration

The Senator has proven to me, and the business community as a whole, that he is a staunch defender and powerful ally. Despite the fact that we are often on opposite sides of the aisle, the Senator has always illustrated a willingness to collaborate, prioritize our economy and fight for the American small business community. As a born and bred Texan and businessman, I call on the 3 million small business owners in the state to join me in support of Ted Cruz’s reelection.” Javier Palomarez, USHBC President & CEO 

During my time as the Mayor of Laredo, Senator Cruz and I worked hand in hand on border security and on growing South Texas’ economy. I am proud to support him in his re-election because he has a proven record of fighting for South Texas and for a secure border.” Pete Saenz, former Mayor of Laredo 

I have been a Democratic sheriff for the last 28 years. I have 108 miles of border and in the last three years border security has spiraled out of control. Texas cannot afford to have Senator who doesn’t stand with law enforcement, which is why I am endorsing Ted Cruz. Because he stands with and for all law enforcement no matter what.” Danny Dominguez, Presidio County Sheriff 

In the News:

Washington Post, Sen. Cruz allies angle to avoid repeat of 2018 near-miss race in Texas
“Cruz launched a “Democrats for Cruz” coalition Wednesday morning, suggesting some in the party have become disillusioned with ‘radical leftist[s]’ like Allred.”
“Javier Palomarez, President & CEO of the United States Hispanic Business Council (USHBC), supports Senator Ted Cruz’s reelection in 2024 [stating], ‘Cruz’s unrelenting commitment to small business and the economy make him a crucial ally. Additionally, his reelection will guarantee a prominent Hispanic voice in the Senate on various issues including: energy, infrastructure, technology, national security and immigration.'”
“U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign is rolling out a new effort encouraging Democrats to cross party lines and vote for him this November after U.S. Rep. Colin Allred officially secured the Democratic nomination for Senate on Tuesday night.
“The coalition’s initial rollout features a handful of former and current Democratic officials, including former Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz Jr., Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez, and former Obama appointee Marty McVey of Houston. Cruz said he hopes to expand the group as he campaigns over the next several months.”
“According to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who one day after claiming victory in the Republican primary announced the launch of Democrats for Cruz, a grassroots group tasked with enticing left-leaning voters who are unhappy with their party’s leadership to cross party lines and vote red.
“One of the Texans in the ad is Marty McVey of Houston. McVey told WFAA he is a businessman who supports Cruz’s record on the two issues McVey deems most important: the economy and energy policy. ‘In 2024, Ted Cruz will be the only Republican I cross over and vote for,’ he said. He said he’s only voted Republican on very few occasions. ‘It was not an easy decision to me, but for me, it is the best decision,’ McVey said.”

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