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Sen. Ted Cruz Raises Over $9.7 Million in First Quarter of 2024

HOUSTON, TX—  As first reported by Fox News, today Sen. Ted Cruz announced that he raised over $9.7 million in Q1 across all entities. 

Ted Cruz raised over $2.7 million more than in 2018’s Q1 and Q2 combined. 

In Q1, Senator Cruz had over 179,000 unique contributions with an average contribution of $35.73. To date, Senator Cruz has received contributions from Texans in all 254 Texas counties and from supporters in all 50 states.

Cruz will close out Q1 with over $15.1 million total cash on hand (COH) from Senate, LPAC, and JFC’s combined along with the amounts he has fundraised into the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) that are dedicated to his race.  

“Senator Cruz is off to a very strong start this year as the momentum to get him across the finish line in November continues to increase across the entire Lone Star State. His quarter-one fundraising numbers reflect Texans’ urgency for victory as Democrats threaten to strip away our common-sense way of life. Senator Cruz will continue to pound the pavement day in and day out, meeting and talking to Texans in every corner of the state to Keep Texas, Texas, and ensure that we remain the nation’s bastion of liberty.”  Cruz spokesperson Nick Maddux

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