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More Texans Killed by Illegal Alien and Colin Allred Still Remains Silent

HOUSTON —  Last Wednesday, two more innocent Texans were killed by an illegal alien.

And what did Colin Allred do instead of denounce the murders? He voted for mass amnesty for illegal aliens and voted for the Remain in Texas policy, which would require illegal aliens to remain in Texas while they await their court date.

These tragic deaths follow the death of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray who was brutally murdered by two illegals aliens the week before. Colin Allred also refused to address her death. 

Colin Allred is an embarrassment and a disgrace. When Texans needed justice the most, Colin Allred preferred to defend illegal aliens. He continues to enable the Biden border crisis and bears the responsibility for these senseless deaths. Texans won’t forget it in November.” –Cruz Campaign Spokesperson

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