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Joe Biden and Colin Allred’s Border Crisis

HOUSTON — Today, Joe Biden issued an Executive Order in an attempt to posture on the border, but it is too little, too late.

Since his inauguration, Joe Biden, along with Colin Allred and the Democrat Party, have allowed the border to remain open, wreaking havoc on border communities, threatening our national security, and allowing drug and human trafficking to run rampant.

The Biden Border Crisis has resulted in 1.7 million known gotaways and 9.3 million illegal alien encounters, shattering records. This fiscal year alone 172 individuals on the terror watch list were encountered at the border.

Joe Biden has not acted alone. The Democrat Party has allowed the crisis to continue and members like Colin Allred must also be held accountable.

Colin Allred’s Record on the Border:

  • Voted NO to the Police Act, which would make assaulting a law enforcement officer a deportable offense for any non-U.S. national present in the United States
  • Voted AGAINST the Secure the Border Act, the most comprehensive border security legislation in decades
  • Colin Allred SKIPPED A VOTE for House Resolution 3602, the End the Border Catastrophe Act, which sought to secure the border
  • ATTENDED a campaign event where illegal immigrants were informed on how to evade law enforcement
  • CALLED the border wall racist and ineffective

“Joe Biden and Colin Allred can posture on the border all they want, but Texans know the truth. It is because of members like Colin Allred voting with Biden that our southern border has remained open, unchecked, and deadly. Texans will hold him accountable when they vote to re-elect Senator Ted Cruz in November.”-Cruz campaign spokesperson  

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