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ICYMI: Imam whom Allred praised in 2019 has history of anti-Israel rhetoric

HOUSTON, TX— In case you missed it, in a story published by the Jewish Insider, Colin Allred’s relationship with antisemitic, anti-Israel imam, Omar Suleiman, once again came under fire. Suleiman is one of the nation’s most vocal critics of Israel. He has a long history of peddling violent calls to action against the Jewish state and has gone as far as comparing Israel to the Nazi regime. 

The article also highlights Colin Allred’s flip-flopping voting record on Israel and his controversial endorsement from the anti-Israel group, J Street. 

To this day, Allred has refused to address his relationship with Suleiman, his flip-flopping record on Israel, and his co-signing of a letter to send aid to Hamas-controlled areas, which even Biden officials admitted would help Hamas.

Allred is once again making it clear to Texas voters that on the issues that matter most, he’ll always stay silent. 

Jewish Insider
“Imam whom Allred praised in 2019 has history of anti-Israel rhetoric”

Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX) in 2019 praised a well-known imam with an extensive history of anti-Israel commentary, including comparing the Jewish state to the Nazi regime and calling for a third intifada, as “the best of North Texas.”

Allred posted a photo on Twitter in 2019 with Omar Suleiman, a Muslim activist and author who had been invited to deliver the opening prayer on the House floor. Allred, in the tweet, praised Suleiman as “representing the best of North Texas” and said that Suleiman’s “message of peace, unity, and support for our fellow Americans is needed now, more than ever.”

Suleiman has an extensive history of antisemitic and anti-Israel comments extending over a number of years. Prior to his 2019 meeting with Allred, Suleiman in public comments compared Israel to the Nazis, called to “resist” Israel “by any means necessary,” called for a third Intifada and “the end of Zionism,” promoted the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and described Israel as a “terrorist regime” and as “a racist, oppressive, psychotic Apartheid regime.”

Suleiman also described “Zionists” as “the enemies of God, His Messengers, sincere followers of all religions, and humanity as a whole,” and said that support for Israel has made the U.S. “unprincipled and contradictory” and that support for Israel undermines “our claim to greatness and our claim to being the moral superpower of the world.”

Since Oct. 7, Suleiman has repeatedly accused Israel of genocide.

Allred did not respond to a request for comment.

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