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Colin Allred Once Again Votes Against Texas

HOUSTON — In case you missed it, last week Colin Allred once again voted against Texas when he voted NO to the NDAA for fiscal year 2025, which included provisions for securing the border, providing a pay raise for service members, rejecting Biden’s DEI policies, and funding for joint U.S.-Israel missile defense programs. 

Allred even went as far as 
saying that Democrats must keep the Senate in 2024 to protect DEI.

This vote was a no-brainer, but Colin Allred once again decided to side with Joe Biden and turn his back on Texas. 

“Colin Allred had the opportunity to vote for a secure border, increased pay for our service members, bolstering our national security efforts, and eradicating harmful DEI policies in our military academies, but instead he decided to vote with Joe Biden. When push comes to shove, Colin will always turn his back on Texas.” -Cruz campaign spokesperson  

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