Proven Leader

Fighting for Jobs and Opportunity for Texans:

  • The first bill Ted offered as a US Senator was to repeal every word of Obamacare.
  • Fought for Texas jobs by authoring the NASA Transition Authorization Act, which President Trump signed into law.
  • Authored legislation empowering greater private sector engagement in commercial space exploration that was signed into law by President Obama.
  • Sponsored Audit the Fed legislation.
  • Authored resolution, signed by President Trump, eliminating Obama-era rules that restricted Texas’ discretion over its unemployment insurance programs.
  • Proposed a tax plan to dramatically reduce taxes for American families and individuals, simplify the tax code and spur significant economic growth.
  • Mobilized a national effort to defund Obamacare and repeal the disastrous law in its entirety.
  • Introduced the American Energy Renaissance Act to open up energy exploration, expand Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) exports, end the crude oil export ban, that with other reforms unleashed job creation across the state of Texas.
  • Sponsored the Affordable Reliable Energy Now Act (ARENA), to check President Obama’s overreaching “Clean Power Plan” regulations that infringe on states’ rights, drive up costs for consumers and hamper innovation.
  • Fought against budget increases that failed to bring about meaningful spending reforms.
  • Opposed the Internet Sales Tax, and spoke against establishment politicians who attempt to impose more unnecessary taxes on Americans.