Mediaite: Adam Carolla ‘Supports’ Ted Cruz, Thanks Him for Anti-IRS Stance

Comedian and radio personality Adam Carolla is apparently a big fan of Sen. Ted Cruz. During a Friday morning interview with the Texas Republican, Carolla approved of the presidential candidate and personally thanked him for wanting to outright abolish the Internal Revenue Service.

“Thank you so much for wanting to eliminate the IRS,” Carolla began the conversation. “It’s driving me nuts.”

“I think that is a powerful populist issue and today is the day when its on people’s minds,” Cruz said, reminding listeners that Wednesday was Tax Day.

Carolla argued that taxes are an important issue that gets overshadowed by other debates. “Here we are always talking about gay rights, or immigration, or whatever it is, the trans-gender community or something, fine,” he said. “But that doesn’t impact the entire country. This impacts literally everyone who is born in this country so it is a good place to start, in terms of policy.”

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