Texas Municipal Police Association Endorses Ted Cruz for Re-Election

Press Releases|10.26.18

HOUSTON, Texas– Sen. Ted Cruz has earned the endorsement of the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), the largest law enforcement association in Texas, representing more than 27,000 local, county, and state law enforcement officers.

“Texans need to stand against extremist candidates who would rather score political points with the radical fringes of the political spectrum,” said Mitch Landry, Deputy Executive Director of the Texas Municipal Police Association.  “While O’Rourke has been further dividing citizens, which puts our officers in danger, Senator Cruz has proven that he understands the job of law enforcement and the challenges that we face. We believe that returning Senator Cruz to Washington is not only the better choice for law enforcement officers, but also the safety of all Texas families.”

“I am deeply grateful for TMPA’s endorsement, which comes on the heels of bipartisan support from 171 Texas County Sheriffs, the National Border Patrol Council and San Antonio Police Officers Association, among many others,” Cruz said. “Texas peace officers are a cornerstone of the Lone Star State. They put themselves in harm’s way every day to keep Texas families safe and uphold our exceptional quality of life. I am committed to honoring their service and providing them with the tools and support they need to carry out their duties.”

TMPA was founded in 1950 and has protected the interests of law enforcement officers ever since. As the largest law enforcement association in Texas, TMPA is proud to represent more than 27,000 local, county and state law enforcement officers across Texas. The mission of TMPA is to protect the rights and interests of Texas law enforcement officers by providing the best legal assistance in the country, effective lobbying at state and local levels, affordable training and exemplary member support. To arrange an interview, please contact Andrea Coker at 214.997.3738.