Ted Cruz for Senate Releases Digital Ad “Stand for the Anthem”

Press Releases|8.27.18

HOUSTON, Texas — Today, the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign released a new digital ad — “Stand for the Anthem”— for the 2018 election.

The ad highlights the values of Texans — patriotism, respect for our military and veterans, and support for law enforcement. Democrat Rep. Beto O’Rourke said recently there is “nothing more American” than NFL players kneeling during our national anthem.

Vietnam veteran Tim Lee* is one Texan who disagrees. Tim believes strongly that all Americans— who are able — should stand for the flag and national anthem. Tim is in a wheelchair today because he lost both of his legs in 1971 while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps in South Vietnam. Instead of quitting or becoming bitter, God used this traumatic event to propel him into a life of ministry.

O’Rourke’s support for kneeling before the American flag has endeared him to yet more Hollywood celebrities. Liberal talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted that she wants to meet him. Singer John Legend retweeted the video, adding “preach.” Actor Kevin Bacon is also a big fan now. California is all-in for O’Rourke. Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr thanked the El Paso congressman for “giving us a glimpse of our future.”

*Tim will be joining Cruz at campaign events this week. Media advisories will indicate which stops he will attend.

Transcript of “Stand for the Anthem” below:

QUESTIONER: “I kinda wanted to know how you personally felt about how disrespectful it is, like, you have the NFL players kneeling during the National Anthems. I wanted to know if you found that disrespectful to our country, to our veterans, and I find it incredibly frustrating that people seem to be okay with that…”

REP. O’ROURKE: “My short answer is no, I don’t think it is disrespectful… I can think of nothing more American than to peacefully stand up, or take a knee, for your rights, any time, anywhere, any place …”

VOICE OVER: Nothing More American? Liberal Hollywood was thrilled. But do Texans agree?

TIM LEE: “Whoever believed we would have issues about whether you were going to stand during the National Anthem or not?”

VOICE OVER: Tim Lee, a Texan, served in Vietnam. On March 8th, 1971. He stepped on a landmine.

TIM LEE: “I gave two legs for this country. I’m not able to stand. But I sure expect you to stand for me when the National Anthem is being played.”

VOICE OVER: In November, where will you stand?