New Cruz Web Ad Highlights O’Rourke’s Support of Eminent Domain to Enrich His Family and Displace Low-Income El Pasoans

Press Releases|9.10.18

Ad: “If Beto O’Rourke’s Own El Paso Constituents Couldn’t Trust Him Then, Why Would The Rest of Texas Trust Him Now?”

HOUSTON, Texas— Today, Ted Cruz for Senate released a new web adhighlighting Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s shady past on the El Paso City Council where he used his power and influence to enrich his family by pushing for the use of the local government’s eminent domain power to take the homes of residents in the historic Segundo Barrio.

The ad highlights the frustration of these local residents and their pleas for then-Councilman O’Rourke to recuse himself from future votes and to end his attempts to take their homes for the financial benefit of his family. The new ad can be found here.

“Congressman O’Rourke’s self-interested votes to utilize eminent domain to condemn low-income homes should be a red flag to all Texans when making their decision this November,” said Cruz spokesman Catherine Frazier. “O’Rourke showed a callous disregard for so many El Pasoans, ignoring their pleas to recuse himself from voting on the project for the sake of enriching his own family. If he wouldn’t listen to his constituents’ concerns then, Texans across the state cannot trust him to listen to them now.”

Full details on O’Rourke’s proposal to condemn homes in El Paso’s Segundo Barrio may be found here.

Below is a transcript and sourcing from new digital spot:


SCREEN TEXT: Congress has been purchased – corrupted – by corporations and special interests
VOICEOVER: As a U.S. Senate Candidate – Beto O’Rourke claims special interests should have no role in politics.


SCREEN TEXT: Beto O’Rourke has a shady past of corruption and cronyism
VOICEOVER: But, as an El Paso City Councilman, Beto O’Rourke used his position to push insider deals to benefit his own family.

SCREEN TEXT: Eminent Domain – A cabal of politicians and profiteers targets an El Paso Barrio
VOICEOVER: Beto fought to use government power and eminent domain to take away homes from residents in the Segundo Barrio. And, he did it so his family would profit.

VOICEOVER: Beto’s constituents know what he was doing.

RESIDENT: The residents are all back again today as you asked they be. Granted you’ve already made your decision but they’re asking you to reconsider this ordinance. And, they’re asking Rep. O’Rourke to recuse himself from the vote since he should not have voted last week. I hope at this time you’ll embrace the opportunity and listen to them.
SOURCE: Barrio Residents in City Council Video (5:02-5:20)

O’ROURKE: (Translated from Spanish) There are a lot of people who are working very hard to frighten the people who live here.
RESIDENT: (Translated from Spanish) And you know who that is?
O’ROURKE: (Translated from Spanish) Yes
RESIDENT: (Translated from Spanish) It’s your own father-in-law.
O’ROURKE: (Translated from Spanish) No. Ok. That’s just your opinion.
RESIDENT: (Translated from Spanish) No that’s not just my opinion. I’m telling you what’s going on here.
SOURCE: Barrio and Beto Video (4:22-4:38)

RESIDENT: (Translated from Spanish) Sure, we’re poor, but you have no right to state that we are infested with cockroaches and lice. That’s a profound lack of respect especially in a public meeting. There has been a real lack of respect shown towards us in several meetings. That’s why the community doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore.
SOURCE: Barrio and Beto Video (6:08-25)

RESIDENT: (Translated from Spanish) We feel betrayed and we feel sad. (Translator says: We feel betrayed and we feel sad)

RESIDENT: Especially with Mr. Beto. (Translator says: Especially with Mr. Beto)

RESIDENT: And, because we supported him not one time but twice. Especially if we had the support we are asking for. (Translator says: And, because we supported him not once time, but twice.)
SOURCE: Barrio Residents in City Council Video (1:08-1:35)

SCREEN TEXT: “If Beto O’Rourke’s own El Paso constituents couldn’t trust him then…Why would the rest of Texas trust him now?”