Cruz for Senate Campaign Releases Statewide Radio Ad

Press Releases|3.6.18

HOUSTON, Texas – The Cruz for Senate campaign today released a 60-second statewide radio ad introducing Sen. Ted Cruz’s liberal opponent, Congressman Robert O’Rourke, to Texas voters.

Script below and the ad may be listened to here.

If you’re gonna run in Texas.
You can’t be a liberal man.
Cause liberal thought
Is not the spirit of a Lone Star man.

You gotta be tough as Texas
And honest about your plans.
If you’re gonna run in Texas,
You can’t be a liberal man.

I remember reading stories
Liberal Robert wanted to fit in.
So he changed his name to Beto.
And hid it with a grin.

Beto wants those open borders.
And wants to take our guns.
Not a chance on earth you’ll get a vote.
From millions of Texans.

I’m Ted Cruz and I approve this ad.

Paid for by Cruz for Senate.