Washington Examiner: Ted Cruz recommends strategy for responding to liberal ‘rage’


Sen. Ted Cruz urged conservatives to “lighten up” ahead of 2020 in response to “rage” from those on the Left.

“The Left right now, they’re so consumed with rage,” the Texas Republican said last weekend at the Faith, Family, and Freedom forum, according to the Houston Chronicle. “They hate the president. It is all-consuming, it’s all they can see. As conservatives, let’s not respond to that. Like, just lighten up. Just have some fun.”

“When one party is going nuts, we gotta respond with joy, we gotta respond with smiles,” he added.

Cruz, 48, gave the example of a meme on Twitter which had a picture of him with the caption, “this man ate my son.” Cruz responded to the meme, “He was delicious!”

The Texas senator has been known to engage in humorous banter online before, including poking fun of people calling him the Zodiac Killer.

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