Washington Examiner: Ted Cruz bill would speed FDA approval of drugs OK’d in other countries

Ted Cruz in the News

Drugs and medical devices that have been authorized in other developed countries would face fast-track approval in the U.S. under a bill introduced Thursday by Ted Cruz.

The bill, the “RESULTS Act,” would give the Food and Drug Administration 30 days after a company sends in an application to decide whether it wants to greenlight a drug, device, or biologic approved in another country that adequately checks for safety and effectiveness. If FDA decides to reject the application, Congress would have the power to override the decision.

“If it’s good enough for other countries, we should have access to those too,” an aide to the Republican Texas senator said in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

Legislators from both parties have been working toward legislation to lower drug prices, including bills that would help drugs get to market faster. In a move somewhat related to what Cruz is proposing, the Trump administration has been working with states to help them find ways to import drugs from other countries. In those cases, however, the drugs have already been approved in the U.S.

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