Washington Examiner: Activists smear Ted Cruz for speaking truth about transgenderism


These comments don’t appear transphobic at all to me, if you define transphobia as hatred, bigotry, or bias against transgender people. But HRC and left-wing activists of all stripes basically just define transphobia to mean disagreeing with them on any matter related to gender.

The senator called the situation involving James Younger “horrifying and tragic” because it is.

You have a deeply-confused child of just 7-years-old, encouraged by a mother who seeks to promote the idea that he is transgender, headed down the path toward life-long, irreversible physical changes such as puberty blockers and hormones. And this comes despite the ample evidence showing majorities of gender-confused children eventually grow out of it (and many grow up to be gay, not transgender). Studies show “that a substantial majority [of gender-confused kids] — anywhere from 65% to 94% — eventually ceased to identify as transgender.”

As far as Cruz’s comments that a 7-year-old “doesn’t have the maturity to make profound decisions like this,” well, this is just obviously true. A child of such a young age as seven or 10 or even 12 cannot fully comprehend what biological sex and gender identity are as concepts, let alone understand their own identity well enough to make life-altering decisions.

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