Texas Tribune: Ted Cruz and John Cornyn join successful effort to acquit President Donald Trump


Texas’ two Republican senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, voted with a majority of their chamber to acquit President Donald Trump of two articles of impeachment Wednesday.

The final vote was 52 to 48 to acquit on the charge of abuse of power after a Senate trial in which there was little question about the outcome from the start. U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, was the sole Republican to join all Democrats in voting in favor of convicting Trump on that charge. Romney voted with the Republicans to acquit on another charge of obstruction of Congress.

“This impeachment circus is over. Just minutes ago, I voted to acquit President Trump,” Cruz said in a statement. “The majority of the Senate voted to acquit President Trump. This nonsense is over. This was abuse of the Constitution from day one, and today the Senate defended the rule of law. Today, the Senate defended the Constitution.”

Both Texans, each a prominent lawyer before joining the Senate, served as jurors in a process with little precedent to follow and cloaked themselves with inscrutability as they listened to legal arguments over the president’s fate. But outside the chamber, they deployed their training to defend the president to the public and left little doubt where they stood on the matter.

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