Texas GOP Vote: Sen. Cruz on Statewide Tour: Texans Want More Jobs, Higher Wages, and More Opportunity


I recently wrapped up a statewide tour to visit with local workers, families, and job creators. In the past month, I have traveled to El Paso, Goliad, Dallas, Corsicana, Waco, Temple, Brenham, Houston, Port Arthur, Beaumont, Texarkana, Wichita Falls, Midland-Odessa, and San Antonio.

During my time across the Lone Star State, I heard firsthand about the issues important to Texans, including jobs, trade, and economic opportunity.

“Wherever you go in the state of Texas–East Texas, West Texas, you can go to the Panhandle, down to the Rio Grande Valley–Texans want more jobs, we want higher wages, we want more opportunity,” I said. “And what Texans understand is it isn’t Washington that’s producing those jobs. It is not some gray, windowless building in the District of Columbia. It is small businesses; it is farmers and ranchers who are putting capital at risk to create opportunity. That’s where jobs come from; they come from the men and women of Texas.”

On trade, I outlined my commitment to expanding trade for Texas farmers, ranchers, and businesses:

“I think Texans do better–we succeed when we open up foreign markets,” I said. “Our farmers, our ranchers, our small businesses, our manufacturers–we compete on a world stage and we win if we open foreign markets on fair terms.”

“No state in the union has more invested in trade with Mexico and Canada then does the great state of Texas and we are good at it,” I continued. “A whole lot of jobs–over 2.2 million jobs in the state of Texas depend on international trade. That is a lot of jobs that depend on trade. Now, USMCA, is going to pass? Short answer is, I don’t know. I hope so. But I think it is very much an open question whether or not it’s going to pass.”

I also noted my support for President Trump’s efforts to hold China accountable:

“When it concerns China, that is actually the aspect of trade policy of the administration that I agree the most with. China has been a bad actor, it has been a bad actor for a long time. They export massive amounts into the U.S. market, and yet they don’t let anything remotely close like that come from us into their market. We don’t have fair or reciprocal agreements. And I commend the president for leaning in strong. I think it is entirely appropriate to use U.S. leverage, to try to pressure China to open up their markets. If we can get that done, if the result is the Chinese markets open up substantially, that’ll benefit our farmers, our ranchers, our businesses and our manufacturers. I hope we can get that done.”

Finally, I reiterated my efforts to expand economic opportunity and energy independence:

“All over the country wages are going up, families are having more disposable income, and the number one state in the union for wages going up is the great state of Texas. We are seeing an enormous boom, and by the way part of that boom is an energy boom. Right now today the United States of America is the world’s number one producer of oil and number one producer of natural gas. We are seeing the benefits of economic policies that get government off the backs of small businesses and job creators and let y’all do what Texans do best.”

As members of Congress return to Washington, D.C., I outlined my priorities for 28 million Texans:

“Texas is united and strong, and I will continue working to promote trade, secure our border, and expand economic opportunity for every Texan.”

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