Houston Chronicle: Ted Cruz is every defending Trump against impeachment


As Democrats in Congress steamed toward impeaching President Donald Trump, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz aggressively upped his profile as one of Trump’s most vocal defenders over the last two weeks, further allying himself with the man he bitterly campaigned against just over three years ago.

In less than two weeks, Cruz appeared in a dozen national television and radio interviews and delivered a blistering speech before the conservative-faithful at the Heritage Foundation, forcefully defending Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainians and dismissing the Democratic impeachment proceedings as unconstitutional.

“We’ve seen their case collapse,” Cruz said in his latest appearance on Fox Business on Wednesday just as Democrats started the impeachment debate in the House. “This is a political gesture of anger. Their base hates Donald Trump, and they’re voting to impeach him because they hate him. That really is telling the voters that Washington politicians think they know better than the people who cast their ballots.”

Political expert Mark P. Jones of Rice University says Cruz is giving the Trump faithful exactly what they want.

“They want to see a full-throated defense of the President, and that is what Cruz is giving them,” Jones said.

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