Fox News: Ted Cruz on Iowa chaos: Dems can’t count votes and they want to run our health care?


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said on Tuesday that he’s frustrated at the delay in reporting the Iowa Caucuses’ vote totals, arguing that it is a poor reflection of the Democratic Party’s ability to determine the best policy for the United States.

“Dems, right now, they can’t stand in a gymnasium and count who stands under which sign and they’re the ones that want to be in charge of our healthcare and everything else in our life,” Cruz told “Fox & Friends.”

“I mean, these are the socialist candidates who say, ‘We know best, trust us to run your life.’ Well, guys, how about figure out how to count your votes first.”

As of Tuesday morning, the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) had not reported official vote totals, a largely unexplained and unprecedented delay that has raised questions about the legitimacy of the contest.

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