Dallas Morning News: Watch: Ted Cruz, railing against ‘partisan affair,’ says acquittal in Trump impeachment trial is ‘right thing to do’


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, railing against a “partisan affair,” said Tuesday that acquittal of President Donald Trump is the “right thing to do” after House impeachment managers “failed to demonstrate” that the president committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

That view, shared in a 10-minute floor speech, was hardly a surprise.

Cruz had already pledged to vote to acquit Trump of charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, helping cement the near-certainty that the GOP-run Senate on Wednesday will clear Trump over his efforts to prod Ukraine to launch an investigation into one of his political rivals.

But his closing speech – an opportunity being given to every senator – still provided a significant marker in Texas’ political record, laying out the rationale for what will be the fourth set of impeachment votes ever cast by a Texas senator in modern American history.

“Impeachment is an extraordinary remedy,” the Republican said. “It’s not designed for when you disagree. It’s not designed for when you have political differences or policy differences. It’s designed for when the president crosses the constitutional threshold.”

He added: “The House managers have abused the constitutional process by trying to use impeachment to settle a partisan score.”

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