Daily Mail: Ted Cruz says government should spend ‘every penny’ of El Chapo’s seized billions to build Trump’s border wall


Ted Cruz said Wednesday he wants nearly $13 billion from Mexican drug lord El Chapo to be used to fund construction of the southern border wall.

Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, more commonly known as El Chapo – which is Mexican slang for ‘shorty’ – was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday and ordered to fork over billions.

Cruz, a senator from Texas, told TMZ in a short interview on Capitol Hill that the $12.6 billion seized from El Chapo after he was convicted for drug trafficking should be used build President Donald Trump’s border wall.

‘I think it’s great that he’s sentenced,’ Cruz said. ‘I think the next step is to criminally forfeit his entire global criminal enterprise. It’s worth billions. And we should use every penny of that money to build the wall and secure the border.’

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