CNN: Ted Cruz tells Trump administration to ‘follow the damn law’ on foreign arms sales

Ted Cruz in the News

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz had a simple message for the Trump administration during Wednesday’s hearing on foreign arms sales: “Follow the damn law.”

Cruz said he supports the administration’s underlying reason for selling arms to regional partners. He voted against a joint resolution disapproving of the proposed sales in late June. However, on Wednesday he issued a scathing rebuke of how the situation was handled while grilling Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs R. Clarke Cooper during the Senate Foreign Relations hearing.

“I voted with the administration on the substance because of the threat of Iran but I’ll tell you from my end, if the administration does it again and there is not a live and exigent emergency, you will not have my vote and I predict you will not have the vote of a number of other Republicans as well. The simpler process is follow the damn law and respect it,” Cruz said.

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