ABC News: Ted Cruz to talk gun control with actress Alyssa Milano after Twitter exchange


Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and actress Alyssa Milano have scheduled to meet on Tuesday to discuss gun violence following a heated exchange on Twitter.

“We don’t agree on this issue,” Milano Tweeted Wednesday. “But if we can talk with mutual respect & humility, maybe all of us come together to effect positive change. I will enter this with an open heart, ears and mind. I hope he does the same.”

The Texas senator confirmed the meeting in a tweet.

“I’m looking forward to it! And if all of us can together have more positive, civil discussion & debate on the substantive issues of the day, that would go a long way to helping unite and heal our divided Nation,” he wrote Wednesday.

The exchange between Cruz and Milano was spurred amid a debate on guns between the progressive activist and Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer, who released a string of tweets following the recent shootings western Texas that killed seven people and injured more than 20.

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