Reform Worth Protecting


Common-sense ideas that make their way into law seem to be about as common in Washington as a snowstorm in Texas. Well, this week we got the snow in Texas, and with your help we will soon see a common-sense idea to expand education opportunity soon become law.

Discussing his Student Opportunity Amendment on Fox News, Ted explained the benefits of his amendment saying, “now, you can not only save to go to college, you can also spend from your 529 plan on k through 12 education expenses, for public schools, for private schools, for religious schools, for home schooling, up to $10,000 per year.”

Political and economic observers agree, Ted’s amendment to expand 529s is a smart idea that empowers parents and expands opportunity for students:

Ever the promoter of policies that expand individual liberty, Cruz has proposed that taxpayers be allowed to use tax-exempt educational savings accounts–known as 529 accounts–to cover expenses related to K-12 education. – The Resurgent

Expanding 529’s to include any educational option is a common-sense reform that reflects the reality that we must begin to view education as an investment in individual students, not systems. – US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

The best sign this is smart policy is that the Left is going completely apoplectic. They hate the idea that parents can free themselves from the big teachers’ unions, and have vowed to kill not only the Cruz amendment, but 529s in general. – Forbes

This provision works hand-in-glove with the concept of school choice being a real choice for all parents, not just those with the resources to exercise it. – RedState

As the House and Senate versions of the tax bill head to conference committee, please reach out to your Member of Congress and let them know you support the Student Opportunity Amendment. Ask them to preserve the Senate language concerning 529s in the final bill.

If you haven’t already, please take the following actions:

  1. Share the video above on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Contact your member of the House of Representatives and tell them to support Ted Cruz’s Student Opportunity Amendment today.

Working together, we can protect this dramatic reform that will benefit parents and students across the country. Thank you for taking an active role and standing with Ted!