Moms Make A Difference


Last weekend the NRA Annual Convention was held in Dallas. Attended by a record-breaking crowd of over 87,000 people gathered to support the Second Amendment. Speakers at the event included President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Senator Cruz.

If you haven’t seen Ted’s speech, I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch it:

During the week we saw three Americans freed from North Korea, the United States withdrew from the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal, the Administration worked with Ted and Senators from midwestern states to find a “win-win” on ethanol, and efforts are underway to revisit and reverse some of the spending that was a part of the bloated omnibus bill.

Ted gave a great recap of some of the political highlights of the week during an interview on Fox and Friends:

There is more to life than politics though, and this is one of those weekends where the urgency of the political process is overshadowed by the impact of a mother on the life of her children. For those of us who are blessed to know the depths of a mother’s love in our life, this is a weekend to celebrate.

For many of us, our deepest patriotic convictions were first instilled by our mothers. Not only do we have a responsibility to defend liberty at every opportunity, we also have an obligation to enjoy the liberty that was gifted to us by generations that came before.

So, it is with sincere appreciation that we here at the Cruz Campaign wish our moms, and #CruzCrew moms everywhere, a very happy and blessed Mothers’ Day.