Jobs, Security, and Liberty


Beyond the partisan back and forth that surrounds any election, and above the noise of special interests that tends to hit a crescendo in the fall of every even year, certain themes tend to remain constant. People want an opportunity to have a good job, to be safe, and to have enough freedom to live their lives as they chose.

One of the key components to securing all of those goals is a strong military. Texas has always had a proud military tradition. In addition to contributing to our national security, the military presence in our state adds to the strength of the economy by providing great jobs.

This week, Ted wrote an op-ed celebrating the announcement that the new Army’s Future Command (AFC) will be located in Austin.

According to Ted, “the Army couldn’t have made a better choice than Texas. Austin is at the heart of our booming technology sector, and I am honored to have worked hard to bring the AFC to the Lone Star State, along with its jobs, economic opportunities, and even more incentives for businesses to relocate to Texas.”

He explained that, “as part of the largest Army reorganization in 45 years, the AFC will help the Army adopt new technology and explore 21st-century solutions more efficiently.”

Beyond the military benefits, Ted went on to point out that “Texans will prosper as well. The AFC will bring over 500 jobs to Austin, split between civilian and active-duty roles, as well as many more economic opportunities for Texas businesses to support and supply the Command while serving its employees.”

Ted played a key role in securing this exciting development for the Arm and for Texas. He said, “I am proud to have advocated vigorously for Texas to host the AFC. I joined with my fellow Senator John Cornyn in urging the Army to bring the AFC to Texas, and I made the case directly to Army Secretary Mark Esper and to Army Under Secretary Ryan McCarthy that Austin was the best fit in the country for this new vanguard for the Army’s future. And I’m deeply gratified that our efforts have borne fruit.”

There are less than 100 days remaining until Texans go to the polls to cast their vote for Senate. The political noise will certainly increase between now and then, but Ted will not be distracted by the circus. Even in the heat of a political campaign, Ted Cruz is hard at work doing the job the people of Texas elected him to do. He will continue to work to grow jobs, keep us safe, and preserve liberty as our US Senator.

Ted Cruz is delivering for Texas. He has a proven record of accomplishment and success. That’s why we will re-elect him for a second term as our U.S. Senator.