Heating Up


We celebrated Independence Day by visiting twelve cities in four days and traveling over 900 miles to visit with voters in central and east Texas. At each stop, Ted fired up the crowds with a message of optimism based on past successes, and urgency as we head into the November election.

In addition to stops in cities ranging from College Station and Waco, to Texarkana and Nacogdoches, Ted participated in the parade at Rockwall and the patriotic ceremony before the fireworks in Talco.

At every stop, we dealt with the Texas summer heat, and were met with Texas conservatives who are fired up to #KeepTexasRed. The campaign narrative coming from both Ted and his opponent is also becoming more heated as attentions begin to shift from personalizes to issues.

The other dynamic that intensified the race this week was the announcement that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire. As the President prepares to announce his second Supreme Court pick, every American voter is once again reminded of just how consequential each election can be.

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up in Texas. As we head into the hottest part of the year, w the campaign for US Senate will also continue to intensify. If you haven’t yet downloaded and started to use the #CruzCrew mobile app, please be sure to do that today. If you haven’t yet signed up to volunteer with the campaign, please click here and let us know you are ready to help!

Together, we will build on past success and secure a brighter future!