• Blog | 5.21.18

    Santa Fe

    Many of us Texans took a moment of silence at 10am this morning to honor the memory of the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting. We pray for the souls of these eight children who died so senselessly and violently: Jared Black, Shana Fisher, Christian Riley Garcia, Aaron Kyle McLeod, Angelique Ramirez, Chris…Read More

  • Blog | 5.19.18

    Thoughts & Prayers of the Founding Fathers

    Sometimes it seems like we forget there was history before there was Twitter, or that there were difficult days before there was 24-hour cable news to broadcast it. Our nation was forged out of terrible trials, by men and women who were willing to risk absolute failure, in order to secure liberty for themselves –…Read More

  • Blog | 5.12.18

    Moms Make A Difference

    Last weekend the NRA Annual Convention was held in Dallas. Attended by a record-breaking crowd of over 87,000 people gathered to support the Second Amendment. Speakers at the event included President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Senator Cruz. If you haven’t seen Ted’s speech, I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch it:…Read More

  • Blog | 5.5.18

    The Audacity of Truth

    The idea that the civilized world could negotiate in good faith with Iran was always founded on fantasy rather than fact. Without any track record of trustworthiness, the United States, along with the other permanent members of the UN Security Council, and the European Union, entered into a far-reaching agreement with Iran to address their…Read More

  • Blog | 4.28.18

    May We Never Become Europe

    From the moment of our founding, the United States has been decidedly different than Europe. Our representative system, founding principles, and the understanding that rights come from God rather than government, left no confusion that our nation had made a clean break from the past. Most of us were taught from an early age to…Read More

  • Blog | 4.21.18

    Texas Faces a Choice

    Every election is a time for choosing. Each ballot represents an affirmative endorsement of one set of ideas over another. That is as true in 2018 as it has ever been, and one poll released this week claims the race for Senate in Texas is “too close to call.” Here in Texas, the two candidates…Read More

  • Blog | 4.7.18

    Whirlwind Whistle-Stop

    This week we launched our 2018 campaign with 12 stops in 3 days. It was a whirlwind of a whistle-stop tour, but it was also a great way to kick-off the campaign to re-elect Ted Cruz to the United States Senate. At each stop along the way, Ted highlighted unique stories of Texans who illustrate…Read More

  • Blog | 3.16.18

    Time to Protect Children

    High school students across the country walked out of their classes on Wednesday this week, in a well-organized and highly publicized effort to call for increased gun control in America. The message broadcast on media platforms of every type was simple: “protect our children.” The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, certainly no bastion of…Read More

  • Blog | 3.10.18

    A Warning, and A Blue Wave That Wasn’t

    What do leprechauns, unicorns and a Democrat blue wave have in common? They are all things that were not spotted in Texas this week. The 2018 general election kicked into gear on Tuesday with the first primary race of the cycle – right here in the Lone Star State. Heading into the contest, pundits and…Read More

  • Blog | 3.3.18

    Done With Thoughts and Prayers?

    On Wednesday, a casket constructed of simple plywood, adorned with a single cross, containing the body of Rev. Billy Graham, was brought to the U.S. Capitol. Carried by representatives of the military, and followed by members of the Graham family, that simple coffin was placed in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda for a memorial service. The…Read More