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Ted Cruz, was “absolutely invigorating. I mean, you could feel the electricity in the crowd. It was very evident that … (the delegates were) supporting Ted Cruz.
(Longview News Journal, “State GOP convention seats Ridgeway delegation”, Phillip Williams, 06/14/2012)

For U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican Party convention provided a jolt of energy.”
(Austin American Statesman, “Republican convention crowd appears to favor Cruz over Dewhurst” Kate Alexander, 06/10/2012)

“As he took the stage, “Eye of the Tiger,” the classic underdog anthem from the movie Rocky, blared over the loudspeakers. The crowd erupted in a sign-waving, fist-pumping roar.”
(Texas Tribune, Dewhurst Booed Again as Texas GOP Convention Wraps Up”, Jay Root, 06/09/2012)

Tea Party favorite, Cruz, entered the main stage at the Fort Worth Convention Center, carried by the roar of a supportive crowd. His theme song perhaps symbolic of the political fight ahead – where blows aren’t delt with punches, rather words.”
(KDFW,“Texas GOP Convention”, Selena Hernandez, 06/09/2012)

“With nine weeks until the run-off, Cruz has some time to build on his momentum. And a low-turnout affair in the dead of summer works to the advantage of an insurgent candidate like Cruz whose supporters are highly motivated.
(Politico, “Texas takeaways”, Charles Mahtesian, 05/30/12)

[I]t would behoove right-wing activists to unite around candidates like Cruz as they face big-government opponents within their own party.
(Daily Caller, “Ted Cruz can unite the right”, Corie Whalen, 05/22/2012)

GOP voters looking for a no pretense, no apologies conservative found one in challenger Ted Cruz.
(Austin American-Statesman, “Cruz consistent, compelling conservative”, 05/15/2012)

“Cruz has a big intellect and doesn’t mind taking it for a spin around the room. He’s smart; he knows it and you know it within minutes of talking to him. Yet, he also tells a compelling story about growing up the son of a Cuban immigrant who arrived in the U.S. with little but a desire to carve out a new life.
(Austin American-Statesman, “Cruz consistent, compelling conservative”, 05/15/2012)

“To borrow a phrase from baseball, Cruz is what one might call a “five-tool” candidate: He is good on the Constitution, on the economy, on social issues, and on foreign policy, and he possesses the intellect and rhetorical gifts to combine these views into a clear, cogent, and compelling conservative vision for America.
(National Review, “Cruz for Texas”, 05/01/2012)

Cruz is the true Conservative here, backed by the Texas Tea Party and a scrapper when it comes to civil liberties and rights.”
(The Examiner, “Texas Voters want to know what the candidates will bring to the table”, Don Allison, 04/24/2012)

Ted Cruz is the type of limited-government, Constitutionalist, Conservative that we need in the US Senate.”
(UrbanGrounds, Ted Cruz (for US Senate) Launches first TV Ad of the Campaign, Robbie Cooper, 03/21/2012)

“So, it is vitally important that we [GOP] nominate in the primary a strong dynamic conservative. We are lucky to have that candidate. he is the articulated, conservative, leader-Ted Cruz.”
(Tales from a Tribble, Cruz for US Senator from Texas, Mike Beckman, 03/01/2012)

A Cruz victory in the Senate race would prove to be a massive boon to not only conservatism, but also the cause of liberty on a national scale.”
(Reverend Rubicon, Ted Cruz and Conservative Purity, Cameron Shaffer, 02/28/2012)

“One candidate that has the potential to be a conservative rock star in the Senate is Ted Cruz, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat from Texas. If conservatives think Marco Rubio is impressive, Cruz is even more so.”
(Free North Carolina, Ted Cruz: Endorsed by Rand Paul, Tony Lee, 02/27/2012)

I want Ted Cruz to be my Senator.  Not simply for the awesomeness that is Texas, but for the greatness that is America. America needs Ted Cruz.  Join me in supporting and standing with Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate.”
(Politicalistas, America Needs Ted Cruz, Michelle Lancaster, 02/21/2012)

In the Texas Senate race to replace Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, only one candidate, from any party, is truly willing to stand for liberty and the Constitution and has the record to prove it. That candidate is former Solicitor General Ted Cruz. That is why the Reverend Rubicon team is thrilled to make its first ever political endorsement for Ted Cruz for Senate.”
(Reverend Rubicon, Ted Cruz for Senate, Cameron Shaffer, 02/08/2012)

George Will is correct; it doesn’t get better than Ted Cruz for Senate.  Not only is he a conservative fighter, he has a brilliant legal mind; he is very charismatic; he articulates conservatism like nobody else.”
(Madison Project, Dewhurst Faces Challenges From Conservatives in Texas Senate Bid, Daniel Horowitz, 02/06/2012)

Ted Cruz said at the RJC event that it is not only critically important to defeat Obama, but just as important to elect 10-12 new conservative senate candidates. I believe that must start with Ted Cruz.”
(Tales from a Tribble, Tales Endorses Ted Cruz for US Senate, Mike Beckman, 02/01/2012)

“Ted Cruz, the state’s former solicitor general and a rising conservative star”
(Washington Examiner, Conservatives can build an un-bossable Senate, David Freddoso, 01/31/2012)

Ted Cruz is by far the grassroots pick,” said Adrian Murray, president of Common Ground America. “He’s viewed as a constitutionalist and a defender of state sovereignty, which gets him high marks.”
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas Senate race highlights Republicans’ internal struggle, Anna Tinsley, 01/21/2012)

He was the most truly philosophical conservative in the race that we could trust to go to Washington and be a conservative,” supporter of the Tea Party Chuck Wilson said.
(KCEN Waco, “Tea Party Express Stops In Waco To Announce Endorsements”, 01/26/2012)

“As Mr. Rubio did, Mr. Cruz has racked up victories at straw polls across the state
(New York Times, “A Test for the Tea Party in Texas Senate Race”, Kate Zernike, 11/17/2011)

Cruz is the conservative in the race…And when a well-known, wealthy politician stands between him and the United States Senate, you get the feeling that Ted Cruz will, somehow, find a way to win.”
(National Review, “As Good As It Gets”, Brian Bolduc, 10/07/2011)

“For anyone seeking elective office anywhere, this story is as good as it gets
(Washington Post, “In Ted Cruz, A Candidate As Good As It Gets”, George Will, 06/16/2011)

“[Ted Cruz] is a compelling candidate – he inspires the audience…Most importantly, we need someone who will inspire us as Republicans to be happy warriors. Ted Cruz is a happy warrior.
(Pondering Penguin, “Why I’m Endorsing Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate”, Karen Townsend, 01/09/2012)

“Cruz has earned the momentum he is enjoying this summer. He is a major force in the race.”
(San Antonio-Express News, “Cruz has momentum in GOP Senate primary”, Bruce Davidson, 07/15/2011)

Cruz, a tea party favorite, promises to make the race an old fashion establishment vs. conservative brawl…The advantage in 2012 may well be Cruz’s.”
(Yahoo News, “Cruz-Dewhurst Senate Race in Texas to Be Establishment vs. Outsider Brawl”, Mark Whittington, 07/26/2011)

Ted Cruz completed the trifecta of conservative endorsements for his Senate campaign Tuesday by scoring support from Sen. Jim DeMint.”
(Roll Call, “DeMint Endorses Ted Cruz in Texas Primary,” Shira Toeplitz, 07/19/2011)

For conservatives seeking reinforcements for Washington’s too-limited number of limited-government constitutionalists, it can hardly get better than this.”
(The Washington Post, “As Good As It Gets”, George Will, 06/16/2011)

“Forget Marco Rubio, Conservatives may soon have another Cuban Senator to rally around.”
(The Daily Caller, “Ted Cruz: Cuban Ivy League Tea Partier for Senate”, Caroline May, 06/06/2011)

Ted Cruz is the conservative we need in the United States Senate. He has a solid record as a conservative. He is the guy we should all get behind…I am proud to stand with Ted.
(, “Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas”, Erick Erickson, 06/02/2011)

Often times candidates for office (any office) are either very electable, but probably won’t be an effective leader and representative; or they are not electable despite their potential to lead and/or govern. Ted Cruz is both. He is relatable, gives a helluva stump speech, and has fought bureaucracy—and won—many times.”
(I Mean…By Sara Marie, “Ted Cruz for Senate”, Sara Marie Kinney 07/08/2011)

“Ted Cruz is a principled small-government Conservative, and the type of man that we need to be sending to the US Senate.”
(UrbanGrounds, “Help Elect a Solid Conservative to the US Senate”, Robbie Cooper, 06/28/2011)

“Cruz brings more to the table than just a unique narrative. He brings conservative bona fides that none of his opposition can match…His entire career demonstrates that he is not afraid to stand up for conservative principles…And most importantly, he is proven and wins!
(The Rising Republican, “Ted Cruz – Former Solicitor General”, Tom Schultz, 06/20/2011)

“For my money, Ted is a dream candidate, and would make no less splendid a senator… He stands for all the things we Reaganites prize. Ted should be a national conservative cause, the way Rubio was in Florida.”
(National Review, “My Candidate in Texas”, Jay Nordlinger, 01/19/2011)

“Ted Cruz, a conservative popular among Tea Party activists, has raised more then $1 million this year in his bid for the Republican nomination…All the candidates call themselves conservatives, but Cruz may by the most conservative of the bunch.”
(The Weekly Standard, “Ted Cruz’s Serious Bid to be the Next Republican Senator from Texas,” Fred Barnes, 4/11/11)

“Ted’s track record is extensive… Ted is the real deal. …he brings to the race a deep knowledge of and commitment to the Constitution and our founding principles.”
(, “Ted Cruz Makes it a New Game for U.S. Senate in Texas,” Hogan, 1/19/11)

“Like just-elected Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Marco Rubio of Florida, Cruz strikes a resonant chord with conservative activists.”
(Human Events, “Cruz Control at CPAC,” John Gizzi, 2/14/11)

“If campaign contributions are any indication of enthusiasm in the early weeks of a U.S. Senate campaign, Ted Cruz is entitled to feel optimistic…Ted Cruz has a proven record of standing firm and standing up for conservative principles.
(Pondering Penguin, “$1 Million Mark Reached in 10 Weeks by Ted Cruz,” Karen Townsend, 4/12/11)

“…[W]hen measuring the number of donors and in-state contributions, Cruz is lapping the field.”
(Politico, “Who’s winning the Texas money chase?,” David Catanese, 4/28/11)

“Ted Cruz, a staunch conservative Republican, announced today that he has raised $1 million in 10 weeks. This is a big win for Cruz. He is one of the most popular figures in Texas conservative circles…Now Cruz has shown that he can raise enough money to compete in the massive air war to come.”
(PJ Tatler, “Texas Senate: Ted Cruz rakes in $1 million,” Bryan Preston, 4/11/11)

“Cruz’s background is similar to another young Cuban-American Senator, one Marco Rubio…and he could very well be the next Rubio-esque candidate elected to the U.S. Senate
(The Shark Tank, “Texas Senate Candidate Ted Cruz, the Next Rubio-esque Senator?,” Javier Manjarres, 2/17/11)

Ted Cruz understands that personal and fiscal responsibility is what the country not only wants, but needs in these times…with people like Ted Cruz on the ballot, I am confident that our party will be successful in returning this nation to the common sense principles that have always made it the envy of the world and a bastion of opportunity.”
(Texas GOP Vote, “Ted Cruz for Senate,” Fernando Trevino, 2/22/11)

Cruz is a born leader, and those of us who have been fortunate to watch him closely in the last several years know that.”
(Blue Dot Blues, “Ted Cruz makes it official,” MJSamuelson, 1/19/11)

“Cruz is considered a top-tier candidate for the GOP nomination to be decided in March of 2012.”
(Politics Daily, “Conservatives Ted Cruz, Michael Williams to Battle for Hutchison’s Senate Seat,” Matt Lewis, 1/19/11)

“During his previous Attorney General campaign… Cruz received strong statewide financial support. He raised more than $1.3 million from 1,000 donors.”
(Pondering Penguin, “Ted Cruz Enters U.S. Senate Race,” Karen, 1/19/11)

“Ted Cruz is the type of politician that Republicans should be looking toward.”
(World Magazine, “Candidate of the Future,” Marvin Olasky, 11/07/09)

“Cruz says that at the heart of his campaign is a defense of the free market, which is under assault from Washington.”
(Pajamas Media, “Ted Cruz announces Senate run to bloggers,” Bryan Preston, 1/19/11)

Legal and political superstar Ted Cruz… will run for the U.S. Senate.”
(Above the Law, “Musical Chairs: Legal Celebrities on the Move,” David Lat, 1/20/11)

“He is not only an advocate of important political issues, but he’s a fighter. Numerous people in politics are conservative during the election period only, but Cruz fought for principles when he was not campaigning for office.”
(Conservative Party Dot Net, “Ted Cruz: A Stalwart Candidate for Texas Senate,” Derek Thomas, 4/21/11)

He’s got good buzz among the conservative faithful and can raise some dough…”
(, “The list to replace KBH,” David Catanese, 1/13/11)

“Cruz, who was four years behind Obama at Harvard Law school, said Obama is the most radical president ever to occupy the White House and that Texas needs to send a strong, conservative senator to stand up to Obama in the Senate, where Cruz contends the fight is. 
He said the central question that needs to be asked in the GOP Senate primary is who is best prepared to stand up to the Obama agenda.”
(, “New Texas Senator in 2012?,” Elisabeth Meinecke, 1/19/11)

“There are two [Senate candidates] who will make conservatives happy: Ted Cruz and Michael Williams. . . . Ted Cruz is, however, a bit more to the right than Williams.”
(, “Cruz or Williams in Texas,” Erick Erickson, 1/14/11)

A Republican Star….Cruz has accrued a list of legal honors and accomplishments that would be impressive for a man twice his age….”
(National Review, “Cruz Control: A Republican Star Rises in Texas,” Mark Hemingway, 5/5/09)

A Great Reaganite Hope . . . . Cruz is an extraordinary, and extraordinarily promising, candidate — one whom Republicans and conservatives should be excited about… driven by ideals and principles… he’s a Reaganite. A bona fide Ronald Reagan conservative.”
(National Review, “A Great Reaganite Hope,” Jay Nordlinger, 5/12/09)

“When Republicans talk about growing the “back bench,” Ted Cruz, Texas solicitor general, is who they mean.”
(Los Republicanos, Leslie Sanchez, 2007)

“Ted Cruz could be just that sort of new generation conservative, ready to help lead the Republican Party back into the spotlight.”
(Tyler Morning Telegraph, “Candidate Cruz May Pique Voter Interest,” Editorial, 8/23/09)

“As much as the national media has looked at Ted Cruz because he is a high-profile Republican of Hispanic descent, it is also important the conservative activists also look at him because he is clearly one of their own.”
(Human Events, Cruz’s Star Rises in Lone Star State, John Gizzi, 8/28/09)

“A ‘rising political star‘ in the Republican Party.”
(Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, “Young Hispanics reflect new face of Demo Party,” Enrique Rangel, 4/27/09.)

“Cruz is one of the nation’s formidable young conservative legal minds.”
(Mark Lisheron, Austin American-Statesman, “In state politics, his star is rising,” 1/15/06)

“Cruz possesses an impressive record of accomplishment… Ted Cruz has a bright future ahead of him.”
(Pondering Penguin Blog, “Ted Cruz, Rising Republican Star,” Karen, 5/19/09)

“Ted Cruz is one of our nation’s leading defenders of the Second Amendment. For over a decade, Ted has fought tirelessly to defend our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and his leadership was absolutely critical to our major victories before the U.S. Supreme Court.”
(Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the NRA, press release awarding Ted Cruz the NRA’s 2010 Carter-Knight Freedom Fund Award)

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