The Truth about the Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

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  • The Gang of Eight Bill in effect establishes a penalty on employers for hiring citizens and legal immigrants over immigrants granted Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) status under this legislation. That is utterly and completely indefensible.
  • The Schumer/Hoeven/Corker amendment is nearly 1,200 pages long and was just filed last Friday afternoon. We saw with Obamacare what happens when Congress rushes to pass such unwieldy legislation.
  • The Schumer/Hoeven/Corker “border security” amendment to the deal doesn’t require that the border actually be secured, nor does it require any security enhancements before legalization occurs.
  • This legislation makes the same mistake of the 1986 amnesty — legalization today for the false promise of border security tomorrow. It will encourage more illegal immigration and must be stopped.

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  • Whereas, our nation’s immigration system is broken and must be fixed.
  • Whereas, any immigration reform must lead with real border security first.
  • Whereas, the Gang of Eight’s bill does not secure the border and gives amnesty to those here illegally.
  • Whereas, legal immigration should be supported and encouraged.
  • Resolved, I request the House of Representatives reject the Gang of Eight’s bill and instead pass legislation that actually secures our border.


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